torsdag 23 augusti 2012

Jag har gjort en tatuering!(?)

Min storebrors tjej gjorde den, jag skulle betala i en påse kattsand men sen glömde jag det. Haha, pengar finns inte på landet! Little Baby Nothing är titeln på en låt med Manic Street Preachers, vilka jag varit besatt av sedan högstadiet (och kommer aldrig sluta för jag är en tonåring i huvet ibland), och det är liksom min baby Traci Lords (also född på SAMMA DAG som mig) sjunger tjejvocalsen *informerar för den som inte vet*!
No one likes looking at you, your lack of ego offends male mentality
They need your innocence, to steal vacant love and to destroy
Your beauty and virginity used like toys

My mind is dead, everybody loves me, wants a slice of me
Hopelessly passive and compatible
Need to belong, oh the roads are scarey
Hold me in your arms, I wanna be your only possession

Used, used, used by men.

All they leave behind is money, paper made out of broken twisted trees
Your pretty face offends, because it's something real that I can't touch
Eyes, skin, bone, contour, language as a flower

No God reached me, faded films and loving books
Black and white tv, all the world does not exist for me
If I'm starving, you can feed me lollipops
Your diet will crush me, my life just an old mans memory

Little baby nothing. Loveless slavery, lips kissing empty
Dress your life in loathing. Breaking your mind with barbie doll futility

Little baby nothing. Sexually free, made-up to breakup
Assassinated beauty. Moths broken up, quenched at last
The vermin allowed a thought to pass them by

You are pure, you are snow. We are the useless sluts that they mould
Rock n roll is our epiphany. Culture, alienation, boredom and despair

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